The Offer

Conceptual photography as a meaningful addition to your Corporate Identity

It is worthwhile paying more attention to photographic pictures and to embed them into a thematic concept. Developing your own picture language and its subjective perception impacts the identity of your enterprise. Pictures carry numerous emotions, speak to the subconscious, have a quicker effect than texts, and make the overview of contents easier to grasp. But you do need a consistent concept that provides order and generates a recognition effect.

Existing analogous and digital picture archives are searched systematically to enable a subjective selection of images as a working basis. Depending on the individual objectives, specific themes are derived from them, and a fitting art project by renowned photographers is then proposed. Then the selected conceptual photographic images are brought into space. This work will also be the basis of a completely new and personal visual imagery, which is intended to stimulate the viewer.

Who can see through the cinnamon stick?

Within the framework of her company ZIMET, Mag. Angela Lutz is now independently developing individual concepts for photography. Thus, new opportunities for cooperation and exchange of ideas are emerging for enterprises, artists, creative artists and art agents – a fruitful symbiosis.